Found an electrocuted bird of prey?

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Photo by Ivaylo Angelov

A database of electrocutions is managed on behalf of the IAF by an Action Group of falconers from the South African Falconry Association (SAFA).

If you find an electrocuted bird:

1. Send a report to, or use the contact form on this site. Please give as much information as you can – see the example report below. Ideally you should also include a photo of the structure.
2. A representative of the Action Group may respond to obtain further information.
3. Advice regarding mitigation of the structure will be sent to the person or organization who reported the incident.
4. If the person or organization reporting the incident wishes, a letter to the national authorities can be prepared by the IAF requesting mitigation measures.

Example electrocution report:

Please find below details regarding an electrocuted African crowned eagle.

Date and time: 9th November 2017, 11 am.
Location: Giba Gorge, Durban, KZN, South Africa.
GPS location. -29.82465, 30.777

The bird was found very fresh and still warm, pre-rigor mortis. A juvenile crowned eagle, approximately 12 months old (extensive body moult but no flight feathers yet moulted).

Scorch marks on the sole of the right foot and on the forehead were apparent.

Measurements were taken prior to freezing, and a tissue sample taken for DNA sexing.

The specimen is currently frozen and awaiting collection by the Durban Natural History Museum.

I arrived to collect the specimen at 1430, and went to the location to establish GPS coordinates and to take a photograph. There was a large troop of monkeys foraging at the skip bins, where two of these distribution poles provided prime still-hunting perches.

The actual electrocution pole is #116518, at GPS -29.82465, 30.77, and the other very likely candidate for electrocution is pole #084283 at GPS -29.82495, 30.7767