Quick Guidance for Preventing Electrocution Impacts on Birds

The content of this site is based on the IAF booklet Preventing the Electrocution of Birds on Power Infrastructure, written by Dr Andrew Dixon. It is now available in a number of translations:

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Other documents and publications

Recommendation: Preventing electrocution and collision impacts of power infrastructure on birds (2016) ICUN World Conservation Congress. IUCN Recommendation library page / PDF: EN | ES | FR

BirdLife International (2015) Protecting Nature in Power Grid Planning: Recommendations from the BESTGRID Project | PDF.

BirdLife International (2013) Observer Organisations’ Reports on the Implementation of the Action Points listed in the Budapest Declaration on bird protection and power lines, Bern Convention Group of Experts on Conservation of Birds | PDF.

Dixon, A., Maming, R., Gunga, A., Purev-Ochir, G. (2013) The problem of raptor electrocution in Asia: case studies from Mongolia and China, Bird Conservation International, Vol. 3 Issue 4.

The Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (CMS) (2012) Guidelines on How to Avoid or Mitigate Impact of Electricity Power Grids on Migratory Birds in the African-Eurasian Region | PDF

CMS (2011) Guidelines for Mitigating the Conflict between Migratory Birds and Electricity Power Grids / PDF: EN | FR | ES | AR | RU.

Schuerenberg, B, Schneider, R., Jerrentrup, H. (2009) Recommendation No. 110 (2004) “Protecting Birds from Power Lines”: Progress achieved and status of implementation since 2004 & Recommended steps forward, Bern Convention Standing Committee.

Avian Power Line Interaction Committee (APLIC) (2006) Suggested Practices for Avian Protection On Power Lines: The State of the Art in 2006 | PDF

(Bern) Convention on the Conservation of European Wildlife and Natural Habitats (2004) Recommendation No. 110 (2004) on minimising adverse effects of above-ground electricity transmission facilities (power lines) on birds.

CMS (2002) Resolution on electrocution of migratory birds, Conference of the Parties at its Seventh Meeting | PDF.


Projects and websites

The Hungarian Falconers Association has a project for Bird Protection on Medium Voltage Overhead Network Poles.

The IAF School Links Programme (SLP) connects schoolchildren around the world through learning about falconry and conservation. The project started with the installation of 5000 artificial nests in Mongolia, and many of the partner schools are in Mongolia, where electrocution is a major problem. Their free teaching resources include material on electricity and electrocution. If you know a school that might like to be involved please contact Nicola Dixon via the SLP website.

In South Africa, the electricity supply utility Eskom has formed a partnership with one of the largest conservation NGOs in the country, the Endangered Wildlife Trust.

The UNDP/GEF Migratory Soaring Birds Project implemented by BirdLife International has produced a range of guidance documents in English and Arabic.

In the USA, the Avian Power Line Interaction Committee (APLIC) has produced guidance on avian protection on power lines.


Resources for children and teachers

The IAF School Links Programme has produced a set of teaching resources, which includes material on the electrocution of raptors, and also on what electricity is and how it is made and transmitted, fitting in with the wider science curriculum:

Electricity PowerPoint presentation | Student worksheet, PDF

Raptor Electrocution PowerPoint presentation | Student worksheet, PDF

Activity sheet with board game and puzzle (PDF)


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